GlyphViewer – Exporting Content

At some point you might ask yourself why am I building multiple translations for text in images if I could just translate them into my own language. The reason is quite simple: “Don’t be selfish!”. We want to help you improve the online experience of your users!.

GlyphViewer was designed to allow non-technical people to build complex multilingual advertise slogans starting from campaign’s […]

GlyphViewer – Building Translations

Glypher Data
GlyphViewer application enables a user to create translations from text in images, text available in different type of languages:

Modern languages that can be easily recognized by the OCR engine, such as English, Chinese etc… All you will need to do is to select an area, recognize the text and a translation containing that language will be created. You […]

GlyphViewer – Projects

Everything in GlyphViewer application is built around projects. A GlyphViewer project (.gvp extension file) is an XML file that contains all the loaded images to your project, as well as any added translations or recognized glyphs and words. Basically all your work that you perform using the application is stored in this local disk file.

All your data is stored in the gvp file, […]

GlyphViewer – Becoming a glypher

A glypher is just a normal user that creates an account and logs in to www, site. You will need to become a glypher in order to be receive additional credits to test GlyphViewer application, or to purchase it. Basically GlyphViewer supports 3 log-in modes:

Guest account – receive a limited amount of credits to use to test GlyphViewer application. No registration required, […]

GlyphViewer – Introduction

Welcome Glypher
They say, That a picture is worth a thousand words.

With us, Even the pictures which are thousands of years old, Can tell you their stories.
GlyphViewer improves the online experience of people by helping site owners build complex multilingual content for their published images. A unique feature of the application is that it can recognize and translate Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs.
Have […]